Cancel (FMF Link Up)

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Cancel… immediately brings to mind Cancel Culture... It feels like instead of repentance and redemption, there is condemnation and cancelling. Cancel is such a detached way to deal with human beings made in the image of God, imago dei. It is so much easier to just cancel someone, pretend they no longer exist than it is to engage, to converse, to hear their heart, their story, to allow an opportunity for someone to repent if they are at that point. Instead, we have set up an environment where there is no room for redemption or growth. I think of some of my views and thoughts years ago, or not that long ago. I have grown and my thoughts have evolved, thankfully. Even the creepers, especially the creepers, it is much easier to cancel them and anything connected with them than having to go through the hard work of deciding if their previous good or additions to culture can be kept. We want to erase people and history instead of engaging and working through it. I have been guilty of that at times. I have started out entering into conversations and after awhile it is much easier to just block or unfriend, but we are built for relationship. Life is complex. People are complex. No one is perfect, so which sin are we cancelling for? And who gets to throw the first stone? Does that mean any good they have down in the past is bad, or can we keep some? These are hard things to grapple with. I get it. It is easier to just cancel a person and throw away any remembrance of them, but I am thankful that God did not do that. The Bible is filled with people that I would want to edit out or cancel, but God includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. They all have something to offer us, even if it is a good wrestling through our own humanity and need for redemption.


7 thoughts on “Cancel (FMF Link Up)

  1. Peggy,
    I’m your neighbor at FMF this week! 🙂 (number 29)

    I really appreciated your perspective of not giving up on the work it takes to maintain a relationship with someone, and that to live out our faith, we must remember your final thoughts.
    “They all have something to offer us, even if it is a good wrestling through our own humanity and need for redemption.”

    Beautiful offering!!
    Tammy Belau

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  2. Cancel culture makes me very sad and angry. It’s so intolerant and disrespectful when, as you say, we could learn and grow if we could just have respectful conversations about our differences.

    Your neighbor at FMF#27

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  3. Many people turned from me
    for reasons not made clear;
    perhaps it was the poetry,
    or my love for beer,
    or my taste in cheap cigars,
    and trucks that look like junk
    when matched againt their hybrid cars…
    or my love for Celtic Punk?
    I’d say maybe they’re missing out
    on a bloke worth knowing;
    they might at least let me shout
    them lager, ere their going.
    It’s just how this game is played,
    but really, I’d a-wished they’d stayed.

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    1. I love this! Thank you for sharing. I am sad for the people who cancel us but thankful you continue to enter in with your whole soul. I am thankful for you.


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