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#throwbackthursday I was looking for a post I had written on expectations and stumbled on this one. It was a good reminder to me of the power of gratitude to change moments, instead of expectations that tend to disappoint or possibly grow resentment. May we be grateful for the gifts found in what is and recognize the giver of the good gifts in all the moments, the firsts and the lasts, and all the in betweens.

Inkblot Life

FMF-Blog-post-headers-Round-6-18 Linking up with The rules are: set a timer and free write for five minutes on word prompt, then share.

Last… Such an interesting word that invokes so many emotions. Some lasts we know are the last: the last piece of candy or pie, the last day of work, last time to do something, or see someone. Depending on the feelings towards it different emotions can fill that time of last. I think of the seniors last year who were so done with school according them, but  they would get teary for each of their lasts: the last band concert, last homecoming, last whatever, there was a sadness, although for most last year of High School brought joy.

Last is also something elusive. We all know certain things will come to an end. In parenting we know that there will be a last for most of the tasks we…

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