Out my Window: grey morning, bare trees, lots of brown hues, crows squawking in the distance

Enjoying: a few more bonus fall days, curbside pickup, fall candles, twinkles lights

Listening to/Watching:  Listened to Craig Groeschel’s leadership podcast with Paula Farris. Q&A with Paula Faris: Calling vs. Career | Craig Groeschel Leadership ( It was a good listen. I appreciate her confidence and humility. She shares some hard learned wisdom that was helpful for me to hear in this stage. I am now listening to Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood. Noah narrates his own book and he is so good. His storytelling is so engaging. (PSA: There is quite a bit of language and some crudeness). I have appreciated his insight into humanity. Some very profound thoughts on the human soul… racism, class division, identity, and more, along with a large dose of humor.

Reading:  Beside my bed: Still reading Jen Pollock Michel’s book Surprised by Paradox: The Promise of And in an Either-Or World. Also reading Dallas Willard’s Life Without Lack: living in the fullness of Psalm 23. Willard’s book has taken most of my reading time focus.

I am also reading C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters.

I am reviewing a study on Habakkuk from Dannah Gresh for Moody Publishing. Hopefully I will have a review up for it this week.

Rambling Thoughts:  This week felt like it was full of review quizzes of things I have learned in the past. I failed them all. Thankfully there is no shame in the kingdom, only room for repentance, redemption, mercy, and grace. Expectations… “all is grace” so no need to expect things to be a certain way. Only expect that God is good and the giver of all good gifts. It took me all week to get back to this truth. The events and challenges of this week revealed expectations and disappointments. Instead of being grateful for the good and lamenting the hard, I mumbled and complained. Measuring My Days – Inkblot Life I went the way of the Israelites again. I added discontent, frustration, and straight up miserableness to a frustrating situation that really wasn’t the end of the world. Then I kicked into fixer mode. Unmasking a Superhero Wannabee – Inkblot Life Unfortunately that found me with my wheels spinning because there really is no good solution at this point (or at least that I can see, or create.) Eventually, I prayed and asked God to direct and lead and show how me to walk this out and He did. I am reminded that He is always the good father whether I like the gift He is giving at the moment or not. And then the whole lesson on “letting go gracefully,” ugh… wanting to hold tighter when it is time to continue letting go and allowing kids to have the grace to grow up, and getting out of the way so they can seek God to meet their needs and guide them. Release – Inkblot Life Back to the question is God good? Do I really trust His heart towards me and those I love. Lastly, the lesson I have been learning and re-learning on God ordering my day. Bubbles and Stickers – Inkblot Life I ask Him to do so, and then I grumble and complain as things do not go as I expected. I left my house later than I had wanted, sat in the bank line way longer than one would expect, only to find myself at the perfect time walking in a space that had me interacting with someone who needed to connect with me that I would have missed if all went as I had planned. Oh me who gets in my own way. I am thankful that God does not wait for me to get all this figured out to invite me into his plans or to bless me. He is gracious and generous in spite of me, because it is who He is. I desire to walk in that confidence with that eternal perspective, but I lose sight too easy. Still Practicing – Inkblot Life I guess that is why the Scriptures tell us to renew our minds, set our mind above, to remember. These are all continual actions, not one and done. By Heart – Inkblot Life

Fitness and Mental Health:  Getting some walks in and still doing Pilates with The Balanced Life Sisterhood Mental Health: being intentional with my daily gratitude journal, exercise, and continuing to look for beauty are key. Writing the date and day and a brief list of the events of day has been very helpful for my mental health. Numbering my days…

Home: basics, enjoying the new layout

Giving Thanks For: Meals on Wheels Ministry, opportunities to serve with a friend, laughter, kindness and prayers of friends, my husband helping to solve some of the issues this week and adding fun and beauty to it, God’s mercies being new every morning, people who challenge and encourage me to think deeper and bigger about ideas and life, well cared for, more beautiful fall days, my home, provisions, rest, so much beauty in this world, good books, challenging thoughts, community, grace, moments as a whole family, God ordering my days, His provisions and reminder of His heart for me


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