Out my Window: sunshine, heavy frost glistening on trees, grass and buildings, a bird that is missing the bush that used to be in front of the house searching for a new place to build her nest

Enjoying: beautiful weather at the beginning of the week, books I am reading, baking, sunshine, quiet mornings, baseball

Listening to/Watching:  Listening and watching lessons on Techniques in Addiction Counseling and Integration of Spirituality and Counseling. Holy Post Podcast Holy Post Podcast. I listened to Brene Brown’s podcasts Podcasts | Brené Brown (,The first one with Adam Grant was so good I ordered the book for myself and my son. Brené with Adam Grant on the Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know | Brené Brown ( The second one with Simon Sinek resonated with my mind and soul so much that I got his book on Audible and I am almost done. So good! I highly recommend them both. Brené with Simon Sinek on Developing an Infinite Mindset | Brené Brown ( I am listening to Infinite Game and there is so much for everyone in this. It is a business book, but it is so much more. As a Christian I feel very encouraged to remember that I am living the infinite life and need that mind set instead of getting caught up in a finite mindset. As an educator I am highly motivated to see these ideas used to help kids develop a love for learning, but also to develop a healthier staff environment. I highly recommend this book. The audio is read by the author and is a very enjoyable listen. (PSA: some language) I finished listening to Sensing God by Joel Clarkson on Audible. I think I would have preferred to have read the book instead of listening, but the last chapter alone was worth the listen. It was a beautiful invitation into the dance. I was so thrilled to see that Sarahwanders on Instagram was sharing poetry for Holy Week. If you do not follow her, I highly recommend it,Sarah Clarkson (@sarahwanders) • Instagram photos and videos actually her whole family has pages that are worth following if you need more art and beauty in your life. Finishing up Psych series and watching various comedians from Dry Bar Comedy have been my level of viewing. My husband and I are now working our way through the old Mad About You Series.

Reading: By my bedside: I finished Reading While Black: African American Interpretation as an Exercise of Hope by Esau Macauley. I look forward to reading more by Esau Macauley. This was a very insightful read. I am just diving into Anatomy of the Soul: Surprising Connections between Neuroscience and Spiritual Practices That Can Transform Your Life and Relationships by Curt Thompson. This is very readable and goes well with the book I finished , The Other Half of the Church.

I finished The Other Half of Church: Christian Community, Brain Science, and Overcoming Spiritual Stagnation by Jim Wilder and Michel Hendricks. My review can be found here. The Other Half of Church (Book Review) – Inkblot Life I started and almost am finished with a small gem of a book by Henri Nouwen, The Wounded Healer. There are so many nuggets to pull out of this. Although dated, it is worth the perspective on our relationships and helping one another.

I am sad to be coming to the end of my Lenten reading, The Word in the Wilderness: A Poem a Day for Lent and Easter by Malcolm Guite. This book was just what I needed for this season. I am thinking I may use his Advent one this year.

It is spring break from my subbing job, so I pulled out Fredrik Backman’s book Britt-Marie Was Here. In theory I am hoping to indulge in this read, while still completing my school work. Most of my days are filled with reading for my two classes, but thankful for the few moments here and there to read other books. So many books piling up on my to read list, definitely not a complaint. It is a good problem to have.

Rambling Thoughts: As I am listening to The Infinite Game I am reminded of the power of presence. There is power in listening. There is power in being there for someone. In my counseling class this week I read about a study done that said the actual relationship and listening is the part that is most influential in the client changing, not the advice or guidance, not the expertise, but the being present. Simon Sinek shares many case studies on leaders who had finite mindset versus infinite mindset and what those businesses look like now. What changed for the better or worse. Finite mindset has a short term goals with winners and losers, whereas infinite mindset is to better oneself or a cooperation in his setting. In the corporations that had infinite mindset leaders they still had goals to make profit and good products but people were first. Relationships and environment were a priority. People were willing to sacrifice for the good of a company that they felt seen and heard them. Feeling valued upped production. The companies that were cut throat created distrust and many times unethical behavior because people were afraid to fail. There could be no vulnerability because there would be shaming and possible job loss.

“To ask, “What’s best for me” is finite thinking. To ask, “What’s best for us” is infinite thinking.”

I was thinking of finite vs. infinite mindset in our church community during this pandemic. It has been interesting and heartbreaking to watch people get so caught up in the finite that they missed the infinite. They want things to be back to normal so they disconnected waiting for it to go back to normal. Those of us left behind grieve the loss of these people, but have been blessed by those who have a vision of something bigger going on. There is an infinite plan and we get to be part of it. Those who got stuck in the finite are missing it. I know it is not all that simple and clean cut, but the narrative is so much bigger than this one moment in time. The paradox is that this one moment demands we be fully present so we do not miss the infinite. I am trying to ask myself better questions and step back to see the bigger picture. Am I just trying to win this moment, or am I entering into the fullness of this moment and all that is available here to add to the next? Is this about me only, or is it adding to the bigger story? What is driving me to hold so tightly to my thoughts or my ways? What needs to change? How do I connect and help a person be seen and loved and not try to fix or convince?

Fitness and Mental Health:  Exercise on beautiful days has been easy, colder days have me lacking in motivation. Mental Health: still being intentional with my daily gratitude journal, and continuing to look for beauty. Writing the date and day and a brief list of the events of day has been very helpful for my mental health. Numbering my days…

Home: Catching up and cleaning up.

Giving Thanks For: starting another job that allows me to work with kids, baseball season starting on time, people able to go to games, coffee/tea date with a friend, laughter, time, teenagers, people who are wrestling forward, candles, beautiful moon, nature, opportunities to learn, God’s comfort for my friends who have to walk with hard stories, technology, God’s mercies, people who challenge and encourage me to think deeper and bigger about ideas and life, well cared for, my home, provisions, rest, so much beauty in this world, good books, poetry, challenging thoughts, community, grace, God ordering my days, His provisions and reminder of His heart for me, forgiveness, refining


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