This is the “been quite a while” edition. I used to attempt a weekly daybook to capture life a bit. I miss writing here. I am in a different season, so I am learning to accept what that looks like. I spend more time sharing beauty, quotes, and quick thoughts on Instagram at inkblotlife.com_peggy. Part of me wants to do more long form writing but the other part of me does not want to add more noise to an already noisy world. So, a daybook post seems like a good place to start as I wade back into the pool.

Out my Window:  Christmas lights, full moon, stars, dark sky, crisp air

Enjoying: Christmas lights in my house and all around my neighborhood, Tis the Season Bath and Body Works candle and Tree Farm candle, stove-top popcorn, Marco Polo posts with friends

Listening to/Watching: We are working our way through Disney’s Andor series along with miscellaneous Christmas shows here and there

Podcasts/Music: My top three podcasts right now are the Holy Post, John Mark Comer Practicing the Way Theology in the Raw Liturgy Wood Playlists for Advent last week’s theme was peace,

Misc. I have been using Pray as You Go app in the mornings as recommended by Tamara Hill Murphy at Sacramental Life The music and listening experience has been a good tool in helping me slow down and focus on truth. I also have been enjoying Sarah Clarkson’s nightly reading and discussions of Advent poems on Instagram

Reading: It has been a long time since I have posted my reading so I will spare you a long list. This summer involved two moves and transitions, so fiction rose to the top of my list. Last Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles and Anxious People by Fredrik Backman were two marvelous reads. Both contain fantastic characters and storytelling. There is much truth in both and laughter in the second.

My top Audibles: were Embodied by Preston Sprinkle and The Dutch House by Ann Patchett. I highly recommend Preston Sprinkles’ podcast, Theology in the Raw and books. I am still thinking about Embodied and pondering what it looks like to apply the principles he discusses with those in the trans community but with anyone wrestling with identity. The knowledge was super helpful but his processing of all the knowledge through a God and people loving lens was convicting and helpful. He models humility and grace in such a compelling manner. I think anyone no matter where you land on the topic can glean much from this book. The Dutch House is a fiction book read by Tom Hanks. He does a great job. I recommended it to a friend who did not like it, but I loved it. The reading and the exploration of family, relationships, connection places, life, and forgiveness. I found it an intriguing story.

Christmas: I am using Ruth Cho Simons devotional Emmanuel and Tamara Hill’s Advent online devotional, Plus some others scattered around the house.

Right now: I am working my way through the Body Keeps Score Bessel van der Kolk which is a tough book but such an important book. I picked up The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee by Marja Mills at a book sale. It was well worth the $1. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books and I love biographies. This is an interesting take on the woman, her family, her town, and her culture behind the book and after the book.

Rambling Thoughts: Most of my thoughts these days are bits and pieces. I have started many posts and left them unfinished. Right now, I have been thinking about the word delight in terms of God delighting in us and our delight in God and what that actually means. I am thinking that delight might be my word to take a deep dive into and study what does God delight in and what does it mean and vice versa?

I have been thinking a lot about social justice and how people are treated. What is my role and what is not? The other day I was in a situation where if I stepped in too much, I could make life difficult for the person I was trying to help. My heart ached for what had occurred, and I have rehashed the scenario several times to see what I could have done differently. My client said this phrase, “they treat us that way because we are poor people.” I felt it deeply on her behalf but also started thinking where do I treat people a certain way because they are certain people for better or worse? I also was reminded of a piece I wrote awhile back about not just speaking up for others but giving space for them to use their own voice I am still processing and thinking about writing through it soon. We shall see.

Fitness and Mental Health: I am mostly walking or schlogging with a little Pilates thrown in here or there. Due to darkness and weird schedules I no longer have a set routine so I am trying to be intentional in the in between moments which means being prepared ahead of time. I have one friend that has helped me process what it looks like to have what I need in my car to get outside and walk in any in between moment. I now carry extra socks, sneakers, hats, and gloves. Another friend has helped me think through taking care of myself by preparing ahead to eat lunch. It sounds silly but because my schedule is weird on certain days it either wasn’t happening or it was a drive thru neither is good for my mental or physical health. So now I pack things that work well for the actual life I live. Basically snacks, fruit, and a grown-up version of lunchables that I can eat on the go. Being intentional in these areas is helping live healthier in my body and mind.

Around the Home: We moved from a house to a two-bedroom apartment, so I am learning what is important and what is not. My books are out of the boxes so that makes me happy. The kitchen is the biggest space challenge so we are learning tiny kitchen living which I know is not as tiny as it could be. I am less apt to bake because of the kitchen and life schedule, so I need to find a way to make it more user friendly.

For schedule and sanity, we have a whiteboard that we write a tentative meal plan. We keep two weeks up for leftovers sake. It helps with the age-old question that I do not prefer, “what’s for dinner?” and it helps us to actually have a meal to think through and delegate or relegate, if necessary, on nights where I am coming in right before dinner prep time.

One thing I have enjoyed is friends and family visiting. Although our place is smaller, we have figured out ways to have people visit which makes me happy. I do need to figure how to host people in a manageable way, but we will get there.

Giving Thanks For: family, my home, provisions, laughter, walks and hikes, so much beauty in this world, praying friends, serving, Christmas lights, people visiting, beautiful, unexpected Christmas concert and conversation, longtime friends, fun times exploring a new area, internship set up, God’s faithfulness and delight


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