Twice in Two Weeks

Twice in two weeks I heard the same challenge from two different pastors regarding two different sections of Scripture...sacred echo. The first time I heard it I thought, that's interesting. The second time, I started to feel the conviction in my soul. Is this true of me? Week one the preacher was teaching on the … Continue reading Twice in Two Weeks


Beholding and Becoming: the art of everyday worship (book review)

One of my favorite things is books. I love a good book. I love sharing books with others. Part of this new season of life has included previewing books from some publishers which I have enjoyed, but even more fun has been the opportunity to be on book launch teams. This means I get an … Continue reading Beholding and Becoming: the art of everyday worship (book review)


Out my Window: Thankfully more pleasurable (to me) temperatures and the night sky continues to be amazing. Enjoying: The stars, extra time to read, mint chocolate chip ice cream (I had to stop buying it because I was enjoying it a bit too much.) Listening to: Nothing too specific. I did catch Craig Groeschel's latest … Continue reading Daybook