Am I awake? I thought I was, but the question seemed to shake me out of a daze and now that word is everywhere. I think of conversations that where hazy and I missed what others said. Those moments I had to apologize because I hadn't heard what was being said, or just filled in … Continue reading Awake


Cancel (FMF Link Up)

Linking up with The rules are: set a timer and free write for five minutes on word prompt, then share. Cancel... immediately brings to mind Cancel Culture... It feels like instead of repentance and redemption, there is condemnation and cancelling. Cancel is such a detached way to deal with human beings made in the image of … Continue reading Cancel (FMF Link Up)


Out my Window: sun shining through trees, slight breeze, August morning with promises of high heat Enjoying: starry nights, cut flowers from my garden, time by two different lakes this week Listening to/Watching: I listened to the Holy Post Podcast.  There was no interview. This week I finished listening to Enneagram Summer with Annie F. … Continue reading Daybook