Am I awake? I thought I was, but the question seemed to shake me out of a daze and now that word is everywhere. I think of conversations that where hazy and I missed what others said. Those moments I had to apologize because I hadn't heard what was being said, or just filled in … Continue reading Awake


Daybook (Been awhile edition)

Out my Window: beautiful sunshine, white snowdrops popping up under the shrubs, some green from the spring bulbs starting to poke up through the ground Enjoying: bright yellow daffodils and tulips on my counters, gorgeous weather, walking, robins singing Listening to/Watching:  I finished listening and watching lessons on Multicultural Therapy and Legal and Ethics in Therapy this past … Continue reading Daybook (Been awhile edition)

Daybook (2 week edition)

Out my Window: amazingly gorgeous day, feels like early fall with the look, sounds, and smells of late fall Enjoying: beautiful fall weather, morning sky out my window, moon, apple pumpkin candle, twinkle lights, laughter of kids, kindness of others, curbside pickup at the grocery store Listening to/Watching:  Listened to the last two episodes of the Holy Post … Continue reading Daybook (2 week edition)


Out my Window: sun shining through trees, slight breeze, August morning with promises of high heat Enjoying: starry nights, cut flowers from my garden, time by two different lakes this week Listening to/Watching: I listened to the Holy Post Podcast.  There was no interview. This week I finished listening to Enneagram Summer with Annie F. … Continue reading Daybook


Out my Window: Wonderful sunshine, blue skies, dusting of fresh snow, and hope of Spring like temperatures for the next few day Enjoying: having a bit more energy and focus, some enjoyable meals out with different people, including a date night, reading Listening to/Watching: I listened to the latest episode of Holy Post Podcast. This … Continue reading Daybook