Daybook (moving to Saturdays edition)

Out my Window: Sunshine and cold Enjoying: Having my family under one roof. Having an extended break. Time to relax and catch up a bit. Getting ready for Christmas. Listening to: I am still podcast crazy right now. I am very much enjoying listening to conversations that are humorous, informative, and deep. The Holy Post … Continue reading Daybook (moving to Saturdays edition)


Daybook *2 week edition

Out my Window: Happy little trees... my hill is dabbed with bright yellow amidst all browns, greens, and, naked trees. Enjoying: Loving the Maples trees! They are gorgeous this year and appear to glow yellow. The beautiful hill and lake views as I drive to work. Surprising gorgeous sunrise after much fog. Listening to:  Finished … Continue reading Daybook *2 week edition

Beholding and Becoming: the art of everyday worship (book review)

One of my favorite things is books. I love a good book. I love sharing books with others. Part of this new season of life has included previewing books from some publishers which I have enjoyed, but even more fun has been the opportunity to be on book launch teams. This means I get an … Continue reading Beholding and Becoming: the art of everyday worship (book review)