This is the "been quite a while" edition. I used to attempt a weekly daybook to capture life a bit. I miss writing here. I am in a different season, so I am learning to accept what that looks like. I spend more time sharing beauty, quotes, and quick thoughts on Instagram at inkblotlife.com_peggy. Part … Continue reading Daybook



Out my Window: overcast, breezy, mid fall kind of day Enjoying: quiet Sundays, time to read the Sunday Times, a break in the semester, slower days, beautiful weather, fall wood wick candles, fresh picked apples, a physical copy of a Daybook from a kindred friend, excellent visits with different people Listening to/Watching: All things Assessment Techniques in Counseling and Psychopathology. Holy Post … Continue reading Daybook

Daybook (Another been awhile edition)

Out my Window: overcast, hot and humid, garden overflowing with flowers, weeds, and some random mutated crops from years gone by (I have yellow zucchini) Enjoying: time away with my husband, ocean, swimming, extra time to read, cut flowers from my weed pit Listening to/Watching:  I am in the calm before the storm, working through a Stats class … Continue reading Daybook (Another been awhile edition)


Out my Window: warm rainy Sunday Enjoying: beautiful weather, goldfish (the snack, I can't stop eating them), baseball, spring flowers everywhere, trees swollen buds, grilling Listening to/Watching:  Listening and watching lessons on Techniques in Addiction Counseling and Integration of Spirituality and Counseling. Holy Post Podcast Holy Post Podcast. Added another book to my booklist after last week's podcast, The … Continue reading Daybook

Daybook (Been awhile edition)

Out my Window: beautiful sunshine, white snowdrops popping up under the shrubs, some green from the spring bulbs starting to poke up through the ground Enjoying: bright yellow daffodils and tulips on my counters, gorgeous weather, walking, robins singing Listening to/Watching:  I finished listening and watching lessons on Multicultural Therapy and Legal and Ethics in Therapy this past … Continue reading Daybook (Been awhile edition)

Daybook (2 week edition)

Out my Window: blue skies, fast moving clouds, sparkly snow Enjoying: candles and twinkle lights, fresh flowers, good books, little electric fireplace heater, playing games in the evening, soft, warm blankets Listening to/Watching:  I am listening and watching lessons on Multicultural Therapy and Legal and Ethics in Therapy for my new endeavor of schooling. I did take some … Continue reading Daybook (2 week edition)


Out my Window: beautiful morning sky, pinks and blues, the yard is covered with a fresh blanket of snow Enjoying: mini space heater fireplace, candles, Christmas lights, family time, flowers, the sky and all its beauty (morning and night) Listening to/Watching:  Listening to  Sarahwanders on Instagram sharing poems for Advent. They can be found on her IGTV page. The … Continue reading Daybook


Out my Window: thick clouds, sun attempting to peek out, flurries Enjoying: mini space heater fireplace, candles, Christmas lights, family time, flowers Listening to/Watching:  Christmas mixes, I am liking Tsh Oxenreider's playlist based on her advent devotional Shadow and Light I have this devotional on my list for next year. This year came upon me faster than … Continue reading Daybook