Earth Filled with Heaven (Book Review) After listening to Skye Jethani's interview with Aaron Damiani on his book I knew I wanted to read it. I was excited to see it as an option to review for Moody Publishing. I received a copy to read, and the following is my review. This book reminded me of Lauren Winner's Mudhouse … Continue reading Earth Filled with Heaven (Book Review)


What If Jesus was Serious ABOUT THE CHURCH? (Book Review) What if Jesus Was Serious ABOUT THE CHURCH? by Skye Jethani is the third book in this series. I have had the opportunity to review the other two. They are simple but deep discussions on the Sermon on the Mount, prayer, and now Church. This book on Church like the other two includes drawings … Continue reading What If Jesus was Serious ABOUT THE CHURCH? (Book Review)

A Non-Anxious Presence (Book Review)

That title pulled me in. I had just heard John Mark Comer recommend Mark Sayers as an author when I saw the opportunity to review this book from Moody Publishing. This is a book I will revisit in a different season of life. It was more historical and sociological than I was anticipating. It … Continue reading A Non-Anxious Presence (Book Review)

Genuine Community (book review) One thing the last year and a half and counting has shed light on is our anemic view of community, specifically the church. It revealed how many were satisfied by a good conversation or time of prayer in the halls or in a class. Or just chatter after service with those around them or … Continue reading Genuine Community (book review)

The Other Half of Church (Book Review) I am fascinated by all things related to the brain and learning. I also love theology. So when I had a chance to review The Other Half of Church: Christian Community, Brain Science, and Overcoming Spiritual Stagnation by Jim Wilder and Michel Hendricks from Moody Publishing, I jumped at the chance. This was a … Continue reading The Other Half of Church (Book Review)

What If Jesus Was Serious? (Book Review)

This book is worth the doodles. I thoroughly enjoy listening to Skye Jethani on the Holy Post Podcast . His insight and wit are enjoyable and give me much to think about.¬† This book is deceptively simple. It is set up more like a daily devotional than an in depth read on the Sermon … Continue reading What If Jesus Was Serious? (Book Review)

Not From Around Here (Book Review)

I recently had the privilege to join Moody Publishers' Blogging Review Program. I was so thrilled when I saw that Not From Around Here: What Unites Us, What Divides Us, and How We Can Move Forward by Brandon O'Brien was available for a review. I first heard of O'Brien on the Holy Post Podcast¬† reading Not From Around Here (Book Review)