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Outside my window: Lots of rain. I miss the snow, but thankful for warmer temps as we are traveling quite a bit this holiday season.

Enjoying: Christmas lights, and Vanilla Bean Candles. Having my family under one roof. Was so pleased with the new Mary Poppins Returns (my boys took me for my birthday) We all enjoyed it tremendously and we are big Mary Poppins fans. (original movie, books, and Broadway musical)

Listening to: John Reuben and House of Heroes as we went to an excellent concert in Columbus that was so fun. Also found a new podcast that we are enjoying, The Holy Post put out by Phil Vischer from Veggie Tales fame. We continue to laugh hysterically with Tim Hawkins and his crew on Poddy Break (if you are super serious, or mature you may want to avoid both of these podcasts) Although on the mature, serious side while traveling earlier this break I enjoyed some interviews on NPR, not sure what the show was but one was with Emily Blunt about her role as Mary Poppins.

Reading:  Finishing up Made for the Journey by Elisabeth Elliot for a Revell review. It is good, but I received a marvelous stack of books for Christmas and my birthday and so I am trying to focus. So many books so little time… (a good problem to have)

Gave up on The Eternal Current by Aaron Niequest. I misplaced it in the holiday mess. I will return to it.

These books and few more are calling to me. Plus some of the soon to be released books are on my deep excitement list. I need to get reading…

Pondering: Thinking a lot about my plan for the new year. I usually pick a word, or verse, or idea to explore. Also was thinking about doing a focused read through the Bible, chronologically but decided not to this year. Hanging out in Ephesians for now and then I will see where to go from there. Pondering identity, and thinking that is what I will be exploring this year and the many facets of God given identity and what it means to walk in it.

Learning: Doing a lot of waiting for God to show me things. Learning to trust His provisions and His ways even when I am super tempted to take things into my own hands. Learning to look for and wait for His fullness of time in daily time.

Home: Making many holiday meals. I was slowly trying to clean up, but having company is great incentive so I found counters and tables today.

Fitness and Mental Health: Fitness… trying to figure out a plan that will be manageable even when work starts back up somehow it is not happening this break. Mental health… staying in the word, enjoying the moments with family, and remembering truth, is helping in that area as holidays bring up extra interactions that cause achiness of my soul.

Giving Thanks: For a super fun time with my guys at a concert. It was such a blessing to see them enjoy themselves so much. We drove pretty far and it was so worth it. Two of my guys really wanted to see the opener and he did a full concert, and then the main band did great and had a surprise appearance by a drummer that my boys love. Plus they saw all these people they follow and enjoy online. It was a great time and filled my heart with such happiness that they were so happy. Also so thankful for all the kindness extended towards me for my birthday. I am blessed with so many awesome and thoughtful people in my life and they lavished great love on me.

Planning Ahead: Planning the next few days and trying to be fully present before my oldest heads back to school. Trying to get a few plans in place for the blog, and life after the vacation.




2 thoughts on “Daybook

    1. 🙂 Lol! Missing our Pizza Hut days. I have been thinking about when we could do a girls weekend this year. Dreamily thinking of our time at the cottage and spending the entire day at bookstores.


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