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Out my Window: Beautiful days into between rainy ones. Crisp fresh air. The night sky has been so clear and beautiful.

Enjoying: Cool, sunny days. Catching up with some people. Having a bit more time available.

Listening to: I am listening to Creative Quest by Questlove. I am still loving it. The audio is creative in itself. Even if you read the book, the audio is worth a listen. Questlove is really a creative genius. Learning quite a bit about different people’s processes of creativity, learning and doing life.

“Deciding what you’re not before you decide what you are let’s you stand strong in your own category”

I listened to Craig Groeschel’s leadership podcast, I prefer his interviews but each one had good ideas or thoughts on leading and managing life.

Reading: Most of my reading is for Romans 12 study, especially from Martin Lloyd-Jones’ commentary on Romans 12. Definitely meaty and extensive so it takes more of my time to work through.

My carry around book is Glorious Weakness: Discovering God in all We Lack by Alia Joy. Just getting started, but definitely appreciate her writing style, as well as her honesty about some very hard topics.

Pondering: Selah… pause and praise. This term is a Jewish musical term that is loosely used in the Psalms as pause and praise in the middle of their songs. The term jumped out at me the other day when I realized that it is challenging for me to do this in life without an agenda or encouragement such as the 50 days of Practicing Resurrection . I was thinking how the Jewish day actually built in times of prayer to pause and praise. David mentions seven times a day, and Daniel was known for his three times a day. The liturgical churches have structured times and prayers called the Divine Offices, Liturgy of the Hours to help add the pause and praise to the day. I am realizing that without forethought it just doesn’t happen for me. I need this rhythm built in. Pondering what does an intentional Selah look like in my day, beyond my morning time? How do I make it natural, and not just another to do? I know I need it and crave it, but how do I manage it?

Learning: I need structure more than I like to admit. I get lost in time and space when I do not have structure, but too much structure suffocates me and frustrates me. I am learning that I need to intentionally add some structure to things that are important to me. Trying to learn what that looks like in this season. When Eastertide ended I realized how easy it was for me to slip back into not taking time to slow down and look and listen. I wrote about it here So I am hanging out in that space and learning more about what motivates me and how it plays out. Learning where I need to structure things, and where I can leave things a bit looser. It seems tricky in this transition stage, but I want to do this stage well, so I am leaning in to learn.

Home: Found the office floor as I cleaned up and cleaned out for the homeschool curriculum sale. The rest of the house went into management mode as I was focused on weeding out. It was definitely an emotional cleaning out as I went through crafts, supplies, and books so tied to memories and a way of life we had for 20 years. But it is good. That job is done. Continuing to clean up and out so I can make space for things that are important in this season. Getting the office more writing friendly and visitor friendly is my goal, along with Spring cleaning (which has not really occurred in full force in years.)

Fitness and Mental Health: (same as last week) Good weather makes this such a pleasure. I have been walking and schlogging and doing 11 pushups. Nothing else was added and to be honest rainy days I missed walking and a couple of days I missed the push ups, but I keep moving forward remembering every rep makes me stronger .

Giving Thanks: Beautiful weather. Getting the homeschool stuff finally out. For opportunities to catch up a bit with some people who have been on my heart. For a day with my youngest to celebrate one of our family traditions and then my older still celebrating and sending a pic of one of our traditions. Even though life looks very different and there are new kinds of hard in this season that there is much good and joy. For praying friends and people who are patient with me and offer me extra grace. For my husband who is a good father.


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