Middle (FMF Link Up)

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Middle of life

Middle of transitions

Middle of launching a child

Middle of grief

Middle of trying to figure out what is next

Middle… is it really the middle? Only time will tell. I am thinking that middle is sort of an illusion that we like to hold onto when we no longer can turn around and go back to the beginning, but we cannot see the end yet.

This may or may not be my mid-life. Only God knows the days numbered for me.

The grief and transitions are really journeys that stay with us. There really is no end to either, just ebbs and flows.

Children growing and changing and launching… decisions could be made any moment, or it could be a longer season.

Oh to walk in this moment, to be fully present, and keep my eyes on the Author of all good stories who does know the beginning, middle, and end, to stop staring at the hands of time and allowing them to set the season. There is a time for everything, but mostly there is a time to abide with the Giver of all good gifts including this time, whether it is a middle or not.




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