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Gather… As a previous elementary teacher, and then a homeschool mom, you would think I would be great at gathering things. I am famous for starting a recipe before checking to see if I have all the ingredients. Usually I do not, which in some cases ends up with a great improvised but non-replicable recipe that everyone liked, or a mad dash to the store, especially if guests will be eating the meal. As a homeschool family many science experiments were postponed until mom could go shopping to get the random items we needed because I did not stop and gather the items ahead of time. Unfortunately, we hardly ever made it back to those experiments, or we would watch a video and call it good. I was so thrilled when a company started making boxes of pre-sorted and pre-gathered items to go with the experiments in the curriculum I used. It was worth the extra cost to improve our science experience.

The past couple of weeks I have been on a book launch for a cookbook coming out soon, A Place at the Table by Kelly Minter and Regina Pinto (Yes, shameless plug). The great thing about having the commitment of reviewing some of the advanced copy is prepping for a recipe I am planning on trying. I know for some people this seems like a big no duh, but reading the recipe ahead, and gathering those items before starting the recipe has made a huge difference in prepping for the meal. By gathering ahead, I am finding it makes this whole thing much more doable, and less stressful because I know I have what I need. And because I am trying to share the recipe with an accurate review I have been intentional with gathering the right ingredients needed. I am thinking that I might need to do this more often, maybe.


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