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Open… Open for business, open spaces, open hands, open to new ideas or experiences…open. As I was mulling over the word open, and asking my family what comes to mind when you hear the word open, I was reminded of a beach front restaurant experience we had more than once. The beach is called Sunset beach and there is one restaurant on this little jut of land. Every evening they have a flag ceremony as the sun sets. It is the only place on the Atlantic that you can watch the sun set over the ocean. So that beach and restaurant are busy every evening.

The one year we decided we would go a little early and grab dinner at the restaurant on that beach and stay for the sunset. As we got to the counter the man working there told us the grill wasn’t open because it was windy. This was slightly baffling to us that this would be an issue for a restaurant that makes food at the beach daily. He said they were closing since the grill would be closed. It didn’t seem extra windy, and besides this would probably be a daily issue since the restaurant was on the ocean. We laughed it off and grabbed something back at our place.

The next year I called ahead just to make sure they were open and cooking food. The person who answered the phone let me know they were open, but he was planning on closing since he had worked a lot this summer and had been busy. What?! Not to be unsympathetic, but isn’t that part of having a job? He was tired of being busy so was closing up early that day. Hmmm… Open, yet not really. Open, but as long as it works in someone’s schedule or preference.

I started thinking how sometimes I do that to God. I am totally open to God’s plans and purposes as long as it’s not too windy, and I haven’t been too busy, as long as it fits in my plans and with my purposes. I am so open to what God has for me, except when it interrupts the plans I already have, or as long as I understand the purpose. Open… just like that restaurant, I say I am open, but am I really? Do I trust that God’s time table and ways are best? Do I hold my plans with open hands, and allow God to take what needs to go or add what needs to stay?

I want to be fully open. I want to serve Him and others with open hands, but if I am honest I can be like the workers at that restaurant who miss the point and purpose because my focus is closed in on my desires and wishes instead of God’s bigger, grander, and more purposeful plans.


* I am joining Five Minute Fridays in a 31 day Writing Challenge. Each day I will be writing on a different word prompt for at least 5 minutes for the month of October.

**Check out 2018’s 31 Day Writing Challenge


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