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Now… Over the past couple of years I have been learning and practicing the discipline of being fully present. I have a deep desire to be fully present to the circumstance and people in the moment. I believe that God asks that of us. As much as we desire the future and yearn for it, He is found in the present moment. This moment seems to be a crash course in living in the now. It brings to light how much I live for what is to come,  practical and necessary at times, but sometimes foolish in thinking that I am promised more than now. Now is what we have. It is where we find ourselves. We do not know how long life will look like it does. This small space to do life in is a perfect place to practice being fully present in the now, but for some reason my mind drifts and demands how long? The gift in this moment of now is clarifying how much I like to know when and for how long. It reminds me of the many moments I rushed through to get to the next moment. I am hoping that as these days wear on that I will learn the lesson of now, and see the gifts found in it. It seems that I grab or give a gift, but it is actually a moment to be mined of many gifts that I usually miss because I am moving too quickly to see that there is way more found in the now than I ever gave it credit for having.



7 thoughts on “Now (FMF Link Up)

  1. Life’s a circus, life’s a feast,
    life’s the real and phony,
    and with so much crap at least
    somewhere must be a pony!
    Life is lived in yesterday,
    life’s lived in bright tomorrow,
    for sometimes Now gets in the way
    and can be full of sorrow,
    But there is a rainbow
    past the driving rain,
    and because God says so
    hope will rise again,
    and the lesson from the typhoon’s lashing
    will be, I pray, a learned compassion.

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    1. This was perfect for me today. We had a young friend die last week in an accident… I just took his sister and fam to the airport to return home after a hard funeral with so many people missing because of the Now we are living in. That line Now gets in the way and can be full of sorrow… so perfect… Thank you for your muse.


  2. None of us is promised more than now – what a wise reminder. As difficult as it is, now is the gift we have been given. I want to be fully present in it as well!

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