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Could… I am a dreamer and thinker. I love dreaming about all the coulds. I like to know all my options of what we could do. Even if I do none of them, I like thinking about all the coulds. The problem is when my coulds become shoulds. I become a slave to my thoughts of all the things I should do, or should have done. I went through a season where I would apologize to people for all the coulds that never materialized. Of course they had no expectation, and no idea about this list in my brain, so it got a little weird. My brain got stuck in the shoulds, and instead of blessing others and living in joy of what I could do, I lived in all the shoulds, and then it reached outward becoming ugly with “if someone would do this, then…” kind of thinking. I have found that dreaming is a good gift, but keeping it in line with God ordering my days makes the yoke easy and the burden light. It frees me up to dream of coulds, but also to live in this moment so I can accomplish what God has for me. He has planned all sorts of good works for me before time that I do not want to miss with all my shoulds. I want to live in His boundaries of my coulds and watch where He leads.


6 thoughts on “Could (FMF Link UP)

  1. I’m a dreamer too, and I collect a lot of coulds – for better or worse. All I know is God will help me achieve the important ones, and the rest I’ll eventually let go.

    Amie, FMF #12

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