Habakkuk (Book Review)

Recently Moody Publishers allowed me to review Habakkuk: Remembering God’s Faithfulness When He Seems Silent by Dannah Gresh. This Bible study on a little book in the Bible, that is easy to miss, provided an in-depth look at the prophet Habakkuk and his world. Gresh takes the reader through all of Habakkuk, along with parts of the Old and New Testament. This study flips over the tapestry of Habakkuk and follows all the threads to show its space in time, the Bible, the foundation, as well as the vision for the future. Gresh does a good job going from history teacher to discipleship leader with her encouragements and assignments to survey one’s heart and apply the lessons gleaned in Habakkuk.

This is a solid study on the book of Habakkuk. I appreciated her big picture view, as well as her microscopic lens at times. This 6 week study is broken down into 5 days of assignments. It can be used with an online video or podcast. I completed the first few weeks without the video easily, but then went back with a group to do the video study. I appreciated the videos and felt that they could stand alone, or complement the study. The timeline in the back of the book was very helpful to place Habakkuk in the scheme of life. I have studied Habakkuk before and felt that I saw parts of it in a new light and applied parts that I had glossed over in the past.

I would recommend this study to an individual or group that is looking for something with a bit more depth to help them go deeper into the Word as a whole. Gresh includes habits to practice that have been timely in this season of life.


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