Daybook (another been awhile edition)

Out my Window: The sun has made its appearance for the first day of winter.

Enjoying: podcasts, not having to read a textbook or write a paper, subbing, dreaming of a few days off, Christmas lights

Listening to/Watching: I have been on a podcast fetish whenever I am in the car or doing chores. Lots of rabbit trail listening. First, the weekly Holy Post Podcast Holy Post Podcast, the interviews continue to be very insightful. Mike Erre is a guest host at times, so I tried out his Voxology. I listened to some summer episodes because of the topics or interviews (gave me some stuff to think about, not sure I am recommending it at the moment). This led me to Faith Improvised, more to ponder as both of these podcasts have some different slants on theology and scripture. It was good for me to hear other perspectives and reminded me how much I still need to learn. I revisited Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead, I really liked the interview with James Clear author of Atomic Habits, also Dr. Laurie Santos was interesting. This one lead me to A Slight Change of Plans, I listened to Angela Duckworth’s interview on Grit I was pulled into The Russell Moore Show from CT because of the premise of a segment with Shane Claiborne, “Change my mind”. It is a conversation based on a controversial topic where Russell Moore can only ask questions to learn more about the person’s position. It was very interesting and refreshing. I appreciated Moore’s willingness to have a conversation and how he refrained from a debate. His conversations with Tim Keller, Esau Macauley, and Sam Allberry were very good. But my favorite was with Marilynne Robinson about her book Jack, which moved up in my want to read list,

Sarah Clarkson, @Sarahwanders on Instagram has been sharing advent poems almost every night which I have appreciated tremendously.

I started listening to and enjoying, when I am not podcast listening, All Creatures Great and Small I also picked up Katie Couric’s new one, Going There. She is an interesting person and has met fascinating people so I decided to give it a listen. Overall, it is good. She reads it and is very engaging, but I do feel like there are way too many TMI moments. I am not sure why she felt the need to include so many “tell all” details. I really didn’t need or want to know a bunch of them. It is long, so I am visiting it here and there when I am in the mood.

My husband and I both stated before the Christmas season that we were in the mood to watch all things Christmas (okay, not all. We are not Hallmark people. Sorry, not sorry.) We have been watching Christmas episodes of old and older sitcoms, classic cartoons, some movies although the evenings haven’t totally leant themselves to it. We are fully immersed in Hawkeye and loving it. Disney keeps stringing us along with promises of anticipated series.

Reading: By my bedside: For inquiring minds yes, Anatomy of the Soul: Surprising Connections between Neuroscience and Spiritual Practices That Can Transform Your Life and Relationships by Curt Thompson is still by my bed, and I am thinking I need to start over. There is so much in it that I need to process.

This semester was much more taxing than I would have expected so personal reading slowed way down. Most has been Advent readings or Sunday paper when I had time.

I did sign up to review John M. Perkin’s new book, Count It All Joy because I love his heart so much. My review is here, If you want to read a book from him, I recommend his Dream with Me.

Also, Advent readings have taken the little brain space I have left, Watch for the Light is one I like having around to pick up when there are moments. I am using Tamara Hill Murphy from the Sacramental Life Blog‘s Advent reading guide and Susie Larson’s Prepare Him Room. I also picked up Malcom Guite’s Waiting on the Light Advent Poetry Book. I am in the process of trying to figure out what I want to read over break. I am back to wanting an easier fun fiction book. Nothing is sticking at the moment.

Rambling Thoughts: I do not know where to start. I am thinking I will probably explore some thoughts with a few posts over break. I have started a few and never finished those thoughts. I need to sift through and figure out what is worth expanding and exploring. Taking pictures and posting simple thoughts on Instagram has been something that has kept me connected to thinking other thoughts. You can follow me on Instagram at inkblotlife.com_peggy

Body/Mind Health: My friend has a YMCA membership where they do monthly fitness challenges. I have been joining her vicariously as she signs up. It has been helpful to keep me moving. I usually do my exercise without noise, but I have been really enjoying the podcasts to give my brain some other things to think about. Exercise is necessary for a healthy mind and soul for me. I would like to add more daily no matter the weather, but I am not there yet.

Home: This Christmas season we have been keeping things simple due to renovations being done, and life being full. I do have lots of Christmas lights and candles around. The tree is up and lit almost all the time.

Giving Thanks For: my friend Laura’s life, generous provisions, laughter, time, people who allow me to share their journey, candles, Christmas lights inside my house and on other people’s homes, beautiful moon, sunrises, sunsets, nature, opportunities to learn, encouragement from professors, technology, God’s mercies, people who challenge and encourage me to think deeper and bigger about ideas and life, well cared for, my home, rest, so much beauty in this world, comfort, challenging thoughts, community, grace, God ordering my days, His provisions and reminder of His heart for me, forgiveness, refining


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