This blog post came up in my memories today. As I re-read this, I am in the now and not yet of the same waiting. Some parts of this story have become clear and other parts are still fuzzy. Three years out from this post I am still learning what it looks like to wait and abide. This post reminded me that it is an invitation to something more not just an endurance test. When I reframe it and see it that way, I find rest and many gifts along the way that I know I would miss if I was hyper-focused on the end of the waiting. Just writing the words “end of the waiting” makes me laugh now. There is no such thing. There is always the now and not yet of life. I am slowly learning to move through these seasons looking for the invitations instead of trying to solve the mystery like I am trapped in an escape room.

Inkblot Life

photo of person pressing the button of pedestrian box Photo by Lukas Hartmann on Pexels.com

Wait… wait, wait, wait… sigh… wait your turn, wait for me, wait until later, take a seat and wait, wait until the light changes, wait, wait, wait. To be perfectly honest, I am not good at waiting. I totally get little kids and their impatience when they are told to wait for something. It always feels way longer than it is. I have started to look at the clock to see when I start waiting for something, so I can reinforce when time is up that it wasn’t as long as it felt. The lights were only 3 minutes, or the line was only 5 minutes, but this trick does not help when there are seasons of waiting,  those times I did not see the beginning, but the overwhelming message is wait. There is no time frame, and I am not quite sure what…

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